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When you are accused of a crime in Georgia, the aftermath of these accusations can shape your future. Responding aggressively and strategically to misdemeanor or felony charges can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction. The wrong response to charges could ruin your reputation and land you in jail, while developing a sound legal strategy could help you to end your involvement with the justice system with minimal or no lasting damage.

For far too many people under investigation or facing accusations, crafting the right response to charges is impossible because of the complexities of Georgia law. Fortunately, you do not have to understand how the Georgia criminal code works to aggressively fight for your future. You just need a lawyer who knows the ropes. Kilgo Law can help. Give us a call now so we can get to work on investigating charges and crafting the legal strategy that makes sense for your situation.

Our Georgia criminal defense attorneys can offer you personalized advice that is appropriate based on the evidence against you and the nature of charges. We can also answer questions you may have including:

What kinds of cases can a Georgia criminal defense lawyer handle?
What are your options for responding to criminal charges in Georgia?
What should you look for when hiring a defense attorney in Georgia?

What Kinds of Cases Can a Georgia Gun Lawyer Handle?

Kilgo Law provides representation to clients accused of criminal acts and facing legal issues including:

When you are facing criminal charges for these or other offenses, a Georgia criminal defense attorney will assist you in investigating the evidence, seeking to suppress illegally obtained evidence, and determining how to plead.

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What are Your Options for Responding to Criminal Gun Charges in Georgia?

For accused defendants, there are a few primary options when responding to criminal charges. In a best case scenario, your attorney will be able to get charges dismissed by arguing there is insufficient evidence. If your attorney can convince the court to prevent evidence from being used because it was obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment, this could make it possible for the criminal proceedings to end before they really begin.

Another option is to plead guilty or plead no contest. If this is the best approach in light of the evidence, Kilgo Law will negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to your case to try to get you a favorable plea deal. Sometimes, reduction of the charges or recommendations of a more lenient sentence are possible in exchange for your guilty plea.

Finally, pleading not guilty could allow you to try for an acquittal. You may be able to raise affirmative defenses, which means justifying your actions, or you may be able to introduce reasonable doubt so the prosecutor cannot meet the burden of proof. Kilgo Law will conduct an investigation, interview witnesses, and help you to build a solid case with the goal of seeking acquittal.

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Gun Defense Attorney in Georgia?

When hiring a defense attorney in Georgia, you want an attorney with experience and with knowledge of both the criminal justice system and crimes similar to the one you have been accused of.

Kilgo Law has the experience you need. Our legal team has former prosecutors and attorneys with more than two decades of criminal defense experience. We will bring our legal knowledge to your case, so give us a call now to find out how we can help you.

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