Active Shooter Response Training: A Church Safety Course

Church Safety Course: Saturday, February 1

When are you legally justified to draw or use your weapon during an active shooter incident? Georgia Gun Lawyers will be speaking about your rights to defend your life or the lives of others.

The tragic events in Texas on December 29, 2019 remind us that evil happens, and sometimes we are the first responders. After the attack, Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton said,

“This church responded in seconds and it saved lives of potentially over 200 people. They are the model for what other churches and places of business should focus on.”

Training matters, and every house of worship needs a response plan.

Churches (and other houses of worship) are invited to this special seminar to talk about safety teams, responding to an active shooter incident, and to learn about legally justified self defense. Hosted by Governors Gun Club, this event will feature law enforcement, firearms, and legal experts.

Most importantly, this is an excellent opportunity to bring your questions and get reliable answers from the experts.

We feel that churches and other places of worship deserve our support, therefore, this a free event. Whether your group is looking for information, developing a safety team, or you want to enhance the effectiveness of your current safety team, this is a valuable resource.

To reserve your spot, register online in advance.

See you there!