Successful Defenses

Cases Kilgo Law Has Defended as Georgia Gun Defense Attorneys

Just because you suffer a Georgia Firearms Violation doesn’t mean you have to suffer a Georgia conviction. Our experienced Georgia Gun Defense Attorneys know the defenses that work, and those that don’t. Below is just a small collection of the many successful defenses we have provided for clients in the past.


Long and the short of it is a decade ago I made a mistake. One that has been with me and keeping me down. Matt went through a game plan and along the way kept me apprised of updates and changes (court times and refilling). The road was long but, in the end, total exoneration and the case and all materials pertaining to are sealed. Best outcome possible. I can’t get the time back, but I got my freedoms and liberties back. Matt is my go-to I recommend him for any criminal proceedings/ expungements.”  -RS. 



Mr. Kilgo helped me to successfully attain a protective order against a criminal stalker. His knowledge of Georgia law is not only extensive but quick-spoken. He helped me prepare for my court appearance and ensured that we prepared a strong case against my stalker. You want a lawyer who knows the law and who is charismatic and clear-focused. Mr. Kilgo is exactly the type of attorney (and person) I'd want in my corner when my freedom is on the line. I am thankful to have found an excellent resource!” – MW



“Matt Kilgo is a subject matter expert on all things related to state and federal firearms laws, especially Georgia’s concealed carry gun laws.  He recently defended my rights when wrongly accused of violating the law and stood firm against all those who felt threatened by people who choose to legally carry a gun.  More important, he understood the impact of those accusations on me and my family, and he worked hard to clear our good family name.  When it comes to understanding all the legal nuances of gun owner rights, there is no attorney better than Matt.”  GP



“Excellent at what he does. As a client from out of state, he was easy to contact and very easy and candid to talk to. He knows the Georgia legal system and used his vast resources to our advantage. He was able to discuss the case and advised me openly with no surprises. He gave me a very informed explanation of the process and what I could and could not expect. No promises on the end result were made except for the fact that he would explore every avenue available to reach the best possible outcome for me. I ended up with a greatly reduced charge and felt very satisfied with his entire process. I'm very grateful to him and his firm and would recommend him to to my closest friends and family.”- JM



“Mr. Kilgo is a friend of my family and when I got into some trouble with possession, Kilgo was immediately responsive and ready for action. Kilgo stayed on top of my case for 8 months. Calling me weekly with updates. I am 19, so having a felony was a very scary situation. Kilgo was always on top of his work and knew exactly what to do. Kilgo got my felony drug possession dismissed after 8 months. Your results may vary, but one thing is for sure. Kilgo is an amazing attorney and i would definitely rehire him if I ever needed help again.” – EY



“Matt did an outstanding job! He is exceptionally knowledgeable in the law. He always kept us well informed and was readily available to answer all of our questions. I would definitely call Matt again if the need arises.” – P


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