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Red Flag Laws in Georgia? What You Need to Know

It seems red flag laws are on everyone’s mind. What is a red flag law? How do red flag laws affect a gun owner’s rights? What is the current status of red flag laws in Georgia? Red Flag Laws: The Basics Extreme risk protection orders are also known as “red flag laws”. They are a […]

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Active Shooter Response Training: A Church Safety Course

When are you legally justified to draw or use your weapon during an active shooter incident? Georgia Gun Lawyers will be speaking about your rights to defend your life or the lives of others. The tragic events in Texas on December 29, 2019 remind us that evil happens, and sometimes we are the first responders. […]

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PANIC IN PUBLIC: When Someone Sees Your Firearm

Someone sees your concealed weapon in public and panics: maybe your shirt lifted when you pulled your wallet from your pocket, revealing your waistband carry? Maybe your purse was held open just a second too long? What are the legal and practical implications? How to Handle that Moment Let’s first begin by reviewing Georgia’s concealed […]

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