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Church Carry

Stricter Controls for Open Carry

Church shootings in the recent past have resulted in calls in many areas for stricter controls for open carry and concealed carry of weapons. Among American states, Nebraska and Louisiana prohibit concealed carry in churches. Forty-one states, on the other hand, treat church carry as the same as any other private property. Washington, D.C, and seven other states require the church leader's permission to carry concealed weapons in church. Georgia is just one such state.

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Church Carry Laws in Georgia

Georgia’s church carry laws are can be found in O.C.G.A. § 16-11-127, the statute concerning where Georgians may lawfully carry. Georgia law forbids possession of a firearm in a “place of worship,” unless the governing body permits carry by license holders. Permission may be given orally or in writing (written permission being the clearer choice for proof), but permission may not be given selectively: if any one individual is granted the right to carry in the place of worship, all may exercise the right. License holders who choose to carry without permission may not be arrested if found in possession of a firearm on church property and may only be fined $100.00 for the offense arising from their unlawful carry, but may still be subject to a revocation of their Weapons Carry License. A non-license holder found in possession of a firearm at a place of worship without permission is subject to arrest and will be punished for a misdemeanor if convicted.

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