Felony Firearms Charges 

Felony Firearms Charges

An individual may be charged with a felony firearms violation if he or she commits a felony with a firearm or is found in possession of a firearm while in the commission or attempted commission of a felony. Charges may be filed when a prohibited person (felon, First Offender probationer, or juvenile without authorization) is found in possession of a firearm. Firearms charges may also be filed against a person who purchases a firearm for another person, transfers a firearm knowingly to a felon or juvenile, or against someone who operates a firearm in a manner not permitted by law. Such charges may be preferred at the federal or state levels. Often, firearms charges carry mandatory minimum sentences, sentences the law requires be added to the end of any other sentence for which an individual may serve time.

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Felony Conviction

When someone is convicted of a felony, Georgia law prevents that person from possessing firearms; likewise, any person who pleads guilty or is convicted of a crime of domestic violence is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition. Convicted felons (or those who are currently serving a probationary period as a First Offender) may incur stiff sentences in Georgia for being found in possession of firearms after their convictions.

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